Becks on Netherlands

Hind - Your Heart Belongs To Me 3/5

This was a surprise... I like a Dutch entry for the first time since Linda came out of her Gigantic Dress in Stockholm in 2000. Belive me, I have longed for this moment.

Because, to be frank, the Netherlands have contributed very bleak, boring, uninspired and mainly lacklustre entries ever since, and then complained very loudly about block voting and how everybody in the entire world is against them. Plus the yearly chanting: if we don't reach the final this time, we will drop out. Well, they are still with us...

This is not the ultimate hit either, mind you, but a happy little ditty with a fitting, pseudo-Arabic arrangement that hits home here. Hind seems convincing enough in the video and can hopefully insert some attitude to this picture come the semi final.

In the final?
Yes, I hope so. So we don't have to hear the Dutch complaints anymore.

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