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Dima Bilan - Believe 3/5

In 2006, this boy was my big favourite before, during and after ESC. "Never Let You Go" was a tiny masterpiece of a song with a very clever arrangement and a totally brilliant performance. So what can I say about his second attempt at the big time? Disappointing, unfortunately.

Not that the song would be bad or anything, it isn't. But it is a very standardised version of something that is very present in the charts, nothing more and nothing less. Ah yes, with bad English. Whatever happened there?

Rumours that the song was produced by Timbaland proved to be wrong as well, and what is left is a heartfelt soul ballad without that tiny little extra needed. But, as I said, the charts are full of similar songs, and they have been for years. Maybe this will break through to loads of viewers out there.

I had just hoped for a bit more from Team Bilan.

In the final?
Yes, Dima is a big name and he will sparkle on the night. He will be in the final, but the big question is how far he will get there. Very high or very low, is my guess.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not digging Gospodin (mister) Bilan this year. I'm glad you gave him a middle of the road 3/5 rating. Cause I would have had to jump an airplane and come smack you on the head if you gave him 5/5. :) The song is not good but it's not bad, in my opinion. Just very "ok". I hope he takes a long vacation after the ESC. He needs to go away for a year or two and then come back better than ever. Just my two cents...