Becks on Norway

Maria Haukaas Storeng - Hold on, be strong 5/5

Before I get any comments about any bias towards neighbour countries, let me just state that before Wig Wam in 2005, I had not had any Norweigan entry among my favourites since "I evighet" 1996. Last year, I thought Guri Schanke left a lot to be desired (to use good vocabulary). Not a drop a bias here.

But this time Norway hit the big time. A simple verse followed by not just one but two infective choruses, sprinkled with a very funky arrangement à la Amy Whinehouse. Eurovision euphoria!

If I can throw in one tiny "but" in this, then I would wish for a tiny bit of a change concerning the actual performance. I would like Maria and her backing group to come together, to act out more, to be less polished and add some, well, sexuality to the performance. Something slightly more organic and suggestive than the present version. But that is a very small objection, and this song ought to be bound for a spot among the five best in the final.

In the final?
Yes, yes, yes. No doubt about it.

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