Becks on Greece

Kalomira - Secret Combination 5/5

A flash of lightning, the sky opens up and down falls tons of happy, clappy, dancy pop with modern sounds and ethnic flavours. Someone is happy and dancing around and there is a catchy chorus that sticks like glue. Who could this be, if not Greece?

After what felt like centuries of Greek failures at Eurovision, they have really put themselves in command and have not been outside the top ten since 2003. Very impressive, indeed.

Of course, like all winning formulas, the Greek dance craze will wear thin sooner or later, but this is not the year. In an ESC edition where there is no obvious winner, my head keeps telling me this could be the winner. It has all the components to stand out enough to be liked by a sufficient number of people and then win thanks to a high average, like Bucks Fizz back in 1981.

The only real challenge for this song is that Kalomira's voice goes a bit wobbly and shrieky, a bit Dervish-ish, when she sings live, but apart from that slight worry, this could go down a storm.

In the final?
Yes, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

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Zach said...

I like her...but I'm bias. She's from the States, as am I. She's got a ticket to the final in the bag.