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Charlotte Perrelli - Hero 5/5

I admit - I worked a bit with Charlotte in the past and could be considered a tiny bit partial here. Some people will say that I am Swedish, therefore I always think highly of the Swedish entry. (Not correct - au contraire, I am a harsh critic of Sweden who usually has more to give than what they offer in this competition.)

But in 2008, the Swedish offering is pure brilliance from start to end. Charlotte looks like an expensive queen, like a killer Barbie made of silver, and delivers from the first note to the last. The song in itself is ingenious by being so simple and uncomplicated, yet so elegant and... well, perfect.

So, a sure winner? Not at all. Perfect is good at the ESC, but not necessarily foolproof. Things that are too bright and shiny and masterminded tend not to reach out to the masses, and maybe the whole thing will be a bit too perfect to win. But it is the best entry Sweden came up with an many a good year.

In the final?
Yes. Being #2 in the semi means nothing. If the televoters would fail to see the brilliance here, the juries will. I will pretend not to be worried until the night of the semi.

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