Becks on Montenegro

Stefan Filipovic - Zauvijek volim te 1/5

Montenegro is taking part for the second time as an independent country and I begin to wonder why the levels of their songs went down so much since they had their independence?

All the songs (all three of them) that they sent to Eurovision under the flags of Yugoslavia and Serbia-Montenegro respectively were... ehm... good. "Julie", "Ciao amore" and "Zauvijek moja" were all catchy, well-produced little numbers that warmed my old heart.

Despite being nowhere near as atrocious as last years offering, this ditty is coming nowhere close to warming my heart. Stefan has a good voice and was probably voted heartthrob of the year at his school, but this song is as dull as dull gets.

Not bad - I want to stress that. But very seldom does so little happen during three minutes. I expect a lot more of you, Montenegro!

In the final?
No, no, no. A possible nul-pointer if it hadn't been for some rather generous neighbours.

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