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Teräsbetoni - Missä miehet ratsastaa 2/5

Oh dear, time to face up to Finland, my beloved country of adoption since almost six years back. Moment of truth. What do I think about the Finland entry?

Not much, to be honest. It is not bad, it is not good. It is not exciting, it is not impressive, it is not a disaster. It is not much at all. It is a collection of men in leather and in need of an urgent hair-makeover. Oh, yeah, there is a rock-ified version of "Dschingis Khan" playing in the background as well.

Out of the twelve songs in the running in the national final, this is what the Finns wanted. I just find it very boring that Finland goes for rock for the third consecutive year, and very standardised rock at that. What happened to all the good pop that is made over here?

However, the rockers were very lucky with the draw. They could very well move on to the final because they sing late and sound different from the rest and have at least a very energetic intro (before the song rolls over and falls asleep). But when I see the horribly bad promo video, that's when I take issue. Was this the best you could come up with?

In the final?
Could be. Anyone's guess is as good as mine, but considering Finland's old luck, the answer is no.

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Zach said...

Finland committed a grave sin by not sending Mikael Konttinen.