Becks on San Marino

Miodio - Complice 2/5

I am always keen on newcomers to the contest, and being an old fan of the microstates of Europe, seeing San Marino taking part in the ESC is like an early Christmas Eve to me.

Unfortunately, I think the fun will end there. Initially, I was very happy to read that Sammarinese television opted for a local act, and when I heard the other songs of Miodio, I really hoped for something edgy and interesting from the tiny state. Even the demo version with just piano and voice sounded reassuring.

But then we had the preview version, and there was nothing, and then came nothing, and then came nothing... and then the song ended. There is still a pretty nice (and pretty) melody line in there, but this entry is almost dramatically undynamic.

Who knows, maybe these boys are real stage beasts that will totally sell their song on the night? Then San Marino will have every chance in the world still.

In the final?
No. Not the way it sounds and looks now. But it is at least a dignified debut entry.

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