Becks on Cyprus

Evdokia Kadi - Femme Fatale 3/5

Last year, Cyprus was one of the pre-favourites and then failed to even make it into the final. Of course it is easy to go a bit mad when things like these keep happening. But this mad?

All attempts at sounding modern or to please the general taste have been totally abandoned in favour of a complicated little ditty in Greek that is pretty hard to make head or tail of. A cabaret act for drunk tourists at some local taverna in Larnaca, performed by the local Liza Minnelli, still dreaming about her big break.

Of course there is something in this obnoxious package that really speaks out to me, and in the middle of all the mess with tempo changes and choruses and brass going berserk I find myself quite liking this. Sorry world, but that is just how weird I am.

In the final?
No, not even close. Who would vote for this? They won't even cash in on a Greek 12-pointer this year.