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Diana Gurtskaya - Peace Will Come 3/5

On a first glance, I wasn't charmed at all by this effort. A familiar-sounding sing-along about peace, something that has been tried out (far too) many times in the past. I was just about to push the fast forward-button, but then I listened a bit closer again.

And so I realised that the Georgian song is quite captivating, a bit like the Russian entry but with a stronger hook. Diana Gurtskaya is also a gripping personality, and her voice is instantly recognisable and will surely leave an impression on people.

Given Georgia's place in the world, next door to Chechnya, their own civil war not too far away in time and the current unrest with two regions of the country wanting to break away, it is not so surprising that the Georgians would want peace to come. That makes this peace plea more trustworthy than most of the others.

But it is still a far cry from last year's brilliance.

In the final?
Yes, probably. But not a real contender there.

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DJ Culé said...

I also like the Georgian Song!


But my favourites... Spain and Ireland!