Becks on FYR Macedonia

Tamara, Vrčak & Adrijan - Let Me Love You 3/5

All the sad and bitter eurofans will curse and swear at this, but FYR Macedonia has really catapulted itself into a brilliant little ESC-nation, that managed to get themselves through to the final every time since the semis were introduced. Neighbour vote, cries the eurofans. Good acts, I say. (Well, the 2005 offering was dire, but apart from that...)

Also this year sees a very convincing act that is most likely to win a few votes before the show is over.

The only shadow in my mind is the change of language here. I'm not too sure about the english lyrics, and also the loss of melody in the chorus is a minus in my book. But the newly added violins are great, and the trio are most convincing anyway.

In the final?
Yes, but more towards the end of the result than the top, I believe.

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