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Ani Lorak - Shady Lady 4/5

The best country in Eurovision strikes again with full force. Or do they? The song is penned by Philipp Kirkorov and Karen Kavaleryan (neither of which are particularly Ukrainian) and is, seriously, a far cry from being the perfect song. A jaunty little disco number that proves to the world that Baccara are not yet forgotten, and that is about all it is to it. In its own right, the song deserves just a 3/5.

But then comes that tiny force of nature, known to mankind as Ani Lorak (even though she is Karolina in her passport), and blows the stage to bits and puts anyone in their right minds rather oblivious.

Ani could probably perform a medley of the worlds dullest tunes backwards and make that sound exciting. This little lady (shady or not) is the greatest asset of the Ukraine this year.

Not a winner, the chorus is too weak for that, but the Ukrainians could be heading for their fourth top five finish.

In the final?
Do whales pee in the ocean? Yes.

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Anonymous said...

"Do whales pee in the ocean? Yes."

OMG. You are a riot Hr. Larsson!