Becks on Turkey

Mor ve Ötesi - Deli 2/5

If there is one entry I have truly mixed emotions about this year, then it is Turkey. Which is very unusual as I usually swallow anything Turkey sends in without any hesitation what-so-ever.

As long as I only hear this ditty, it works for me. It is a fairly engaging rock tune, not too easily accessible, perhaps, but in no way bad. But when I see the band onstage, all my interest dies. Who are these people? What do they do there? Why should I care?

I never bothered watching the clip, I just saw the studio clip that TRT provided for the preview feed, and I am not convinced. Not my cup of tea. Very disappointing, but nice that Turkey keeps trying new genres and styles.

In the final?
Yes, I think so. Not bad, and Turkey has a rare tendency of getting their songs to work on the night. But I'm far from extatic.

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