Becks on Switzerland

Paolo Meneguzzi - Era stupendo 5/5

In my childhood, I used to like Switzerland every year. I even used to like them a lot. Daniela Simons, Carol Rich and even Mariella Farré (fancy that!) were top items in my shop and the Swiss flag always looked so pretty on the scoreboard.

And then the Swiss lost everything they had and got lost in some kind of half-hearted attempt to please everyone and not enrage anyone. Their songs were polite little songs that nobody cared much for (even if Barbara Berta, Jane Boogaert and especially Gunvor deserved a lot more) and the Swiss became one of the least important countries in this contest.

So much better to see them back in form. Superb super sized Italian ballad turns into a soft rocker without confusing its audience, beautifully belted out by Sanremo starlet Paolo, who (let's be shallow and honest) is a great singer in addition to being very easy on the eye.

Isn't it so that european radio very much has dropped Eros Ramazzotti lately? I belive there is a gap to fill and that Paolo, if he plays his cards correctly, could have a shot at that.

And I would not be too surprised if this is the way a winner sounds come May 24th.

In the final?
Yes, and it will do very well there.


Anonymous said...

You have been elevated higher in my book now. I'm so happy you gave this 5/5. I've been waiting for your review on this song for days now. I think it might be a winner too. I can’t find any words to describe how I feel about this song other than “it’s sooooo good”. And Paolo ain’t bad either. ;) People who say this song is "boring"
and/or "uninspiring" need their heads examined by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Shayne said...

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