Becks on Lithuania

Jeronimas Milius - Nomads In The Night 1/5

Let's start with the positive stuff. For the second year running, the Lithuanian televoters went for songs that stray from the typical euroformula in favour of something more melodic and low-key. Fine by me.

This young man, sporting his nicest leather trousers, wrote the song himself and found a rather pretty melody line which, given a solid performance, could have sounded very well in a popular local musical.

But unfortunately, the singing does not match up the quality of the song. (Can you tell that I am struggling to keep this nice? I think Jeronimas seems to be a nice bloke, and I have no reason to be unfriendly towards Lithuania.)

This won't do, though. If you listen carefully, you will hear the sound of coffee machines getting turned on all over Europe at exactly the same time during this number.

In the final?
No. And that's final.


Anonymous said...

"wrote the song himself". Not himself. Source: www.eurovision.tv.

Tobias said...

At least he wrote the lyrics. :)

Jarod said...

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