Becks on Moldova

Geta Burlacu - A Century Of Love 2/5

I am a firm believer that Eurovision should be open to every genre. Therefore I cheer when we have new styles in competition: I was happy when rap was new, when we had rock, when we had folk music. And of course I am happy to see some quality jazz here as well.

That said, I may not be all that sure that the Moldovan delegation has a winner on its hands. This song is pleasant, easy-going and enjoyable on record, but hard to get into action on-stage. Soap bubbles is not necessarily the hook needed to break through to the viewers.

The presentation provided in the previews is a bit lacklustre, and maybe the entire thing will light up in Belgrade. Especially is the stage appearance is a bit re-worked. I am positive, but remain in doubt that this would be a heavy scorer.

In the final?
No. I think Moldova will miss the final for the first time. But a fine tune it is.

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