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Olta Boka - Zemrën e lamë peng 4/5

I saw what I wrote about this one when it won the Albanian final back in December... and I can clearly remember why I thought the way I did. This song was far too nice for its own good, as nobody votes for nice in televotings.

But as always, the Albanians have made quite an effort to make their song improve, and the new version is most melodic and appealing. Olta sings like an Albanian dream and the lyrics come across as so soft and harmonious.

Albania is one of those countries I always want to like, and I really like them this year and wish them success. I only wish I could say I belived in this and truly believe myself.

Maybe it is still just too... nice?

In the final?
No, I am afraid not. But I want it to be.

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