Becks on Malta

Morena - Vodka 2/5

I don't know what to say, really. This entire thing always leaves me speechless as there are more pros and cons than I could possibly handle on three minutes.

Plus: it is a lively number.
Minus: it is a complete mess.
Plus: Morena is a great singer.
Minus: the lyrics are incomprehensible.
Plus: the whole thing is not too serious.
Minus: the arrangement gives you a headache.
Plus: Morena really seem to believe in it.
Minus: the whole thing is so silly that had it been a Monty Python sketch, Graham Chapman would walk in and interrupt it before the first chorus.

Basically, I don't hate it, but I don't like it either. I believe Malta is having yet another go at the old Vertigo-trick, to take a weak song and overload it to the point of self-conbustion. Many people like this, but I think more people will sweat and wish for it to end.

In the final?
No. I think they will mess the whole thing up and scare voters off. Again. Let Borg/Vella have a few years of rest and let someone else write for Malta for a while.


Anonymous said...

"Stop it, stop it. This is way too silly..!" :-D


Tobias said...

"This song is rapidly becoming silly. I am warning this song not to become silly again!"