Becks on Azerbaijan

Elnur & Samir - Day After Day 2/5

A most spectacular debut is what Azerbaijan has to offer us. I really don't know how to describe this. Every time this number starts, I think it is the roof caving in on me. Or the end of the world. Or something similar. Elnur screams away as if to save his own skin. And well, when you are an Azeri angel fighting it out vocally with an Azeri devil... what do I know about what to expect?

Here is drama, passion, pathos and the Azeris seem not to be short on anything... but possibly a tune. There is not a lot to whistle along to or hum in the shower the next day, so to speak.

But in some unthinkable way, this works after all. Despite all the weird howling, this is an offering that stands out and will be noticed by anyone remotely close to a TV set.

In the final?
Yes. Unless the dynamic duo takes the howling too far live, this nutty entry is a qualifyer.


Paul said...

Are you sure it works? I mean it took me weeks of attempted viewing (I am not joking) to actually get through it. It's horrific... some people are trying to play it up by giving it grand titles like a "rock opera" which is almost funny. Not as funny as their horrendous English pronounciation, but close. I guess without the howling and fact you don't realize they're actually speaking English it could be interesting, but nah.
That said Eurovision people are crazy and for all I know it'll get top 10, if the first 20 seconds of the song doesn't shatter their tv screens first.

Tobias said...

Hey Paul,
belive me - I have had serious doubts about this entry, but my gut feeling is turning in its favour. There is always something loud and obnoxious that does well in the voting, and this year this could be the one.
And singing in bad English isn't really a problem - the majority of viewers and voters have too low a level of English to judge whether accents are perfect or not. That is not as big an obstacle as one would think (or hope for)...