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Gisela - Casanova 4/5

According to some people, this is dull and old-fashioned and is not to be liked. Shame on me, then. I melt to a puddle when I hear this. As stated previously, I love it when people try out new sounds and new ways at the ESC, but that doesn't mean you have to refute everything old-school.

"Casanova" may be very predictable, but it is also very uplifting, Gisela is in an extraordinarily good mood, and the whole package makes me feel all happy and bubbly.

A shame about the lack of keychange by the final chorus, had that one been in place, it would have been a full fiver. And that is not anything I am ready to blush over.

In the final?
Yes, I hope so. Especially if Gisela is half as cheerful as in the clip.

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