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Isis Gee - For Life 4/5

If there is one thing I dislike in ESC, it is the big bombastic americanised soul ballad. Show me "My Impossible Dream" and I scream. Show me "Why Angels Cry" and I cry louder. Technically, according to every rule there is in the world, I ought to hate "For Life".

And for some absurd reason, I don't. And I can't even put my finger on that big difference between this and all the other Mariah/Whitney-wannabees. This is good and they are not and that's the end of the story.

I know that Isis Gee (with teeth so white they are almost scary) did not exactly nail each and every note in a totally correct fashion on the night of the Polish final, but neither did Céline Dion in the 1988 Swiss final. This is breezy, fluffy, melodic stuff, with a chorus line that really goes down well in my ear.

In the final?
Yes. If the televoters say no, this would be my bet for a song saved by the juries in this first semi.

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