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Boaz Mauda - The Fire In Your Eyes 3/5

I wonder if the Israelis ever miss the good old days when they could just shake up some energetic dance troop and have them go berserk over some old schlagered-up folk tune and make juries all over the continent go ga-ga with pure happiness and vote them straight into top five at least?

I bet they do.

Israel has had quite a bit of problem making the televoters warm to their songs for the past ten years or so. Apart from the breathtakingly good Shiri Maimon, Israel has been nowhere near top five since 1999.

Despite the effort of getting top singer Boaz and the songwriting talents of former winner Dana International, I doubt this song will do the trick either. I take the liberty of doubting it will even make it to the final.

It is a haunting melody line, beautifully sung, but I wonder how many viewers will remember it come the time to vote. Israel has had really, really bad luck, being drawn together with some unspectacular songs, and I am not sure this one is dynamic enough to stand out from the lot this early on in the running.

In the final?
No. But I wouldn't mind being wrong on this one.

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