Becks on Estonia

Kreisiraadio - Leto svet 0/5

This is where the heavy part starts. How do you judge a joke entry, really? The songs are easy to pass into groups: good songs, bad songs, indifferent songs. But jokes? How do you rate a joke in a song contest? Isn't it a bit like entering a pineapple into an apple-judging contest?

Well, in this Estonian case, it is not hard to judge. A song without a tune, a joke without any fun. Three men that apparently used to be funny once upon a time manage to make three minutes seem as long as a week.

Horrible to watch, when you know how good singers and songwriters you can find in Estonia. But maybe they all had better things to do this year?

In the final?
If Satan forgot to close the door to hell properly, this could be the first Estonian showing in a final since 2003 but the answer is, hopefully, no.


Anonymous said...

It's more a bitter commentary on Eurovision's current state than a pure joke entry.

The 'lazy' authors have been behind 3 previous Estonian entries (i.e. 'serious' music)and publicly claimed to have gone 'why bother?' this year.

And the performers have more Eurovision experience than most this year. One of them was the conductor a couple of times back when live orchestras were used.

Tobias said...

I am very aware that Priit Pajusaar and Glen Pilvre wrote songs before to Eurovision, and I don't see their reason to be bitter, ending as well as 5th and 6th with their two first attempts (one of which was conducted by Tarmo Leinatamm of Kreisiraadio).

But seriously, if you think Eurovision is this silly and worthless, you could just as well stay at home.

Try sending better stuff than the last few Estonian entries, and you will fare better - I promise. Making lame jokes will (hopefully) not get you anywhere.