A touch of plastic

More than once did I ask myself who put together the juries for the 1987 ESC in Brussels. When the voting was over, most of the beforehand speculation proved disastrously wrong and most of the pre-contest favourites failed miserably.

The worst failure of the night turned out to be Plastic Bertrand of "Ça plane pour moi"-fame, who had been talked into making Eurovision for Luxembourg by his record label, who wanted him to grab some easy attention before the next release and concert tour. "Amour Amour" was widely tipped to do more than well, especially given the fact that Plastic was still a star in the French-speaking part of the world.

Guess if the grapes turned sour once the votes were in and the grand total for la contribution luxembourgoise was a sad little four. Second last place and the fiasco was complete. Plastic put his singing career on hold and turned to do other things in the business.

"Amour Amour" may not be the ultimate masterpiece, but it is certainly not a four-points-loser. That would certainly not happen today, since Plastic (among a multitude of other things) is half-Ukranian. As we know, these days, Ukrainians can't go wrong.

Plastic Bertrand - Amour Amour - Luxembourg 1987

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Schlagerboys said...

But 1987 was all about Lotta Engberg!! Although one half of the Schlagerboys was convinced Switzerland was going to win!!! Carol Rich was robbed!!