France 12 points

I know you all saw it yesterday, but I have to blog it anyway. It is just such a classic masterpiece. We will never forget this wonderfully silly French offering. 19th place, but 12 points from Becks!

Sébastien Tellier - Divine - France 2008


Len said...

You know, there was nothing WRONG with Tellier's performance, but the camera work missed the shots so often and looked so unrehearsed and random that it really did a disservice to France's entry. When Sebastien would move, the camera stayed in place and let him move out of the shot. The Serbians weren't bad at staging the event, but the tv crew definitely left something to be desired in presenting the entries in their best light.

Tobias said...

You know, the French entry was supposed to be like that. They specifically asked for it too look the way it did, with the out-of-focus and bad shots and everything. It looked even worse in rehearsals.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this song! :-)