Danish Flesh

According to dear friend and blog colleague Torbjörn Ek at Aftonbladet, the Swedish press is beginning to heat up towards the Danish contribution in Belgrade. Maybe not that much because of the song, but because of the better-than-average looks of Simon Mathew.

Well, the boy can sing. And he sure has the looks.

But Denmark, really! What about the song? They used to be good at this, but their song this year is boring and predictable beyond belief. Thinking about all the good songs Denmark used to reject in their finals makes me go all shakes and tear-eyed. Where is Sanne Gottlieb and her songwriters when you need them?

Sanne Gottlieb - Uden dig - Denmark NF 2000

Sanne Gottlieb - Tog jeg fejl? - Denmark NF 2001


Anonymous said...

He could very well surprise us all...

Tobias said...

Anything but a failure would surprise the living daylights out of me. But the same team did it back in 2005...