Now the votes are cast and while one country is the winner, quite a few feel like losers and that they have been had. For a while, there will be talk about who will come back next year and who will drop out.

The Netherlands have been very keen in the past on declaring that they won't take part unless they qualify, but they already confirmed participation next year. But what about the others?

My guess is that most of this year's 43 candidates will show up in Russia next year, but there are some question marks. Hungarian MTV likes taking part as long as they get good placings, so will they get cold feet now? Andorra failed to qualify again, is the international exposure of being seen worth it or are they getting tired of never going through? Tiny San Marino, did they enjoy the experience despite their last place in their semi?

There were also some talk about Azerbaijan only going to ESC once and that would be it, but won't they want to continue after their excellent placing?

Alma Cardzic - Goodbye - Bosnia-Herzegovina 1997

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