Ex-Soviet and Ex-Yugo

There have been so much complaining going on among journalists and eurofans that "those people" take over "our" contest. The countries from the former Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia, that is. Let's have a look at how well they did then, shall we?

Taking part in 2008 were no less than ten countries that used to be republics in the former Soviet Union: Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Six of them managed to get into the final, where they all got decent placings:
1) Russia
2) Ukraine
4) Armenia
8) Azerbaijan
11) Georgia
12) Latvia

Also, a total of six ex-Yugoslav countries competed: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro, of which "only" three found themselves in the final, and only two of these went through the semi (Serbia being pre-qualified), placing:
6) Serbia
10) Bosnia-Herzegovina
21) Croatia

I honestly fail to see what many people are so afraid of - that old countries that split into several new ones will totally dominate this contest and not let anyone i to share the fun. The ex-Soviets did well this time, but they did less so last year. And compared to the impact of the ex-Yugoslavs, then the Nordic domination is way bigger.

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Anonymous said...

I agree but maybe that was due to the voting system in the semi finals changing. There are only so many points they can give.
I am ok with the top three, they were all good memorable songs, but you can telepathically know where the votes are going before they announce them and there is still that obvious divide between the block or neighbouring countries. It's becoming a joke and i am starting to turn away from it after watching it and attending it for over 30 years. I am sure i am not alone in this. I feel sad since it's not a music competition any more. If anything they should scrap the voting altogether and just have a music festival where countries can celebrate and perform songs from their homelands.
This whole competition is dividing europe not bringing it together like it was originally intended. Ok its a bit of fun but lets just do away with any political voting, have fun and party. Bring on the change next year.