Finlande douze points

And well, Finland is in the final. A bit unexpected, if you ask me, and it does feel peculiar - after all these times we wanted Finland to get to the final and failed, then the Finnish contribution makes it when I am less keen on it.

It doesn't matter much, though. It is a relief to have Finland on the scoreboard in the final for the third year running. This has not happened for many a good year. It is also good for public interest at home, it will improve the ratings for Saturday's final and it will, once and for all, kill any misconceptions of Finnish being an "impossible" language to sing in.

One of the reasons Finland made it to the final is surely a certain roughness; while many others kept flashing more or less genuine smiles all over the place, desperate to be loved, Teräsbetoni didn't care for being liked at all. And that quality hit home in the semi, let's see how many points they gather in the final.

I just worry a bit what the national final will look like next year. Will we have 12 rock acts singing in Finnish? All I ask for is a little bit of diversity, and for Finland to do a new genre next year. For a change.

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