Becks on Germany

No Angels - Disappear 4/5

In one way as weird an idea as Spain last year: what is the point in sending a girl band (like Spain sent a boy band) so many years after the mania died out? Well, I have to say straight away that No Angels are way better than D*Nash can ever dream of becoming, and that is one thing. Another was that if Spice Girls can make a comeback, so can their German equivalent.

What they serve us is a piece of polished and posh radio pop; elegant, solid, sophisticated and tailormade to be played all summer on the various commercial stations around Europe. As long as they stay in tune, they are even VERY good for being a girl band.

But then there is a big "but" in this. German television should be handed a medal for their ability to send in domestic hit singles lately, but the voters around the continent have failed to pick up on the vibe. I never fell for Texas Lightning, but really dropped my jaw when Roger Cicero did so badly last year. And I am afraid the not-too-angelic girls could be headed in the same direction. Not that it matters much, as this adventure already gave them their biggest hit for many a good day.

A possible winner?
No. Just like the UK, it could even end up doing really badly in the end, but it would be about time that the German efforts started paying off.

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