Bitterness, anyone?

Just looked through the BBC broadcast of the ESC, where Sir Terry Wogan was less than enthusiastic throughout the voting. Apparently, he expected a grand score for the, frankly speaking, bleak and lucklustre UK entry and made no effort to hide how disappointed he was with the rest of Europe.

It was always Sir Terence's way to mock the contest and make fun of it, but it seems that was just enjoyable back in the days when the UK used to come out on top. Now, as other countries keep winning, the bitterness shines through in a less than pleasant way.

"This is not a song contest anymore", Terry said. "With the political voting, we knew beforehand that Russia would win!"

Such rubbish. I always wished sore losers would bite their tongues. It is one thing to be disappointed, but to diminish the Russian victory into pure political voting is very rude and also very incorrect. If the UK pulled out somebody with the same star quality and similar popularity as Dima Bilan (instead of somebody who couldn't control his dancing legs to save his life), they would stand a chance too.

I wish the BBC would take a deep breath, look into the matter and come up with a real contender next year. I promise it would be worth it. (I wrote a post about it a few months back. Feel free to have a look at it before making any decisions for 2009.)


Schlagerprick said...

Sir Terry is a liability. When does Paddy get to take over the controls??

Professor Pepper said...

I quite agree. I picked three out of the top four placings last night but the BBC's commentators and bloggers just seem to have lost the plot. Don't they know what a winning song sounds like anymore?Worth remembering that it was Terry Wogan's own golden vote that got Abraham a place in the last round of the UK finals when the voting public had left the song stranded.

Lilia said...

PLEASE! Sir Terence is not the only one who mocks the Eurovision. I'm Spanish. Many countries, the Spanish don't take it seriously either, one of the reason Chikilicuatre as they figured it was some Eastern European going to win anyway. OUr presenter laughed at the contestants as well.
The reason the UK doesn't win is NOT because of Sir Terence.
Yes, IT IS POLITICAL. The Eastern Europeans all vote for each other. I thought the UK entry was more enjoyable than the Russians, though not great. NOTHING there was good, though I have a soft spot for the French one, it's so cute :-)

Anonymous said...

well done Lilia, the contest is not about music anymore. it's a farce.