Shock and horror!

Not to brag, but the fact is - on the day of the final, for the last five years, I have just suddenly known who is going to win. In 2003, my head settled for Sertab, in 2004 for Ruslana, in 2005 I actually knew even before the day of the final that Greece would walk it. I woke up confident of Finnish victory in 2006, and last year God (or whoever it was) spoke to me and said "Russia? Germany? You fool - the winner must be Serbia!"

Today is the day of the final and the song playing in my head is... "Nomads in the night". What on earth? I want my money back! The function seems to be out of order.

Lucky break it happened this year. Seriously, folks. It has to be the Ukraine. Any other winner and my jaw will hang between my knees in sheer surprise.

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