Becks' prediction, semi 2

Oh dear, second semi on tonight already, hardly leaving us any time to digest the first one. Most people claim, in high-pitched voices, that the second semi is A LOT stronger than the first one, but I'm not too convinced. Semi 1 had a strong ending, Semi 2 has a strong opening. Also, Semi 2 has some favourites that sound fairly similar, so we could end up with a real surprise/disappointment/shock before the night is over.

Well, the ten songs that will pass on tonight, according to what I think, are (in order of appearance): Iceland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Switzerland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Malta, FYR Macedonia and Portugal. It could be that Malta drops out and gets replaced by Georgia, and that cheeky Dane could also convince people despite an appalling lack of song.

If I got to pick my favourites instead, they would be: Iceland, Sweden, Ukraine, Albania, Switzerland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary and FYR Macedonia.

Worst case scenario tonight is that Ukraina steals all the disco points, and Sweden and Iceland kill each other off and miss the final altogether. Not as unthinkable as I would want it to be, I'm afraid.

But as long as those tacky, horrid, soul-less, intelligence-insulting and insultingly horrific pirates from Latvia are kept away from the final, I promise I won't cry, whatever the result.

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