Bits and pieces

Some random comments and thoughts from last night...

- 7 songs in the top 10 came from semi 1 (the supposedly weaker of the semi finals)

- 4 songs in the top 10 were sung in another language than English

- Ukraine and Russia got points from all except 5 countries

- Russia got seven 12 pointers but Armenia who came 4th got one more 12 pointer than the winner. Runner up Ukraine only got one single 12 pointer.

- In the final Sweden voted: 1p Greece, 2p Armenia, 3p Latvia, 4p France, 5p Denmark, 6p Serbia, 7p Finland, 8p Iceland, 10p Bosnia-H, 12p Norway

- The UK was rescued from an embarrassing nil points by Ireland and San Marino (!)

- Bulgaria gave 12 points to Germany only because one of the girls is Bulgarian

- Poor San Marino came last in semi 1 with only 5 points. I liked their song!

- Estonia was saved from the last place which they deserved by Finland who rewarded them 7 points. Shame on you Finns!

- Finland got two sets of 12 pointers in the semi from Estonia and Andorra (!)

- The best ballad of the year came last in semi 2 - Hungary. Shame on you Europe!

- In the semi Sweden voted: 1p Georgia, 2p FYR Macedonia, 3p Ukraine, 4p Croatia, 5p Portugal, 6p Turkey, 7p Albania, 8p Latvia, 10p Iceland, 12p Denmark

- Slovenia just missed out on the final coming 11th in semi 1

- FYR Macedonia would have been in the final instead of Sweden if the jury hadn't been picked to choose one entry. Bulgaria also got more points from the viewers than Sweden did.

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