Congratulations, I guess

Russia is the winner, and given how hard they tried to make it in the past, it must be a big relief for them to finally come out on top. Just too bad that they did just like Estonia and Yugoslavia: to win it with one of their less convincing acts.

Only two years back, I loved Dima Bilan. He was so sweet and convincing, and there was a heart beating steadily behind his stage show in Athens. But somewhere down the line, he got a bit too fond of himself and that is never a great thing in the long run.

"Believe" is an OK song, and as a song maybe a deserved winner. But it makes me a bit sad to see Europe buy something as cheesy and overloaded as the stage act that went along with it.

"Chef, the food we made is not very tasty!" - Then pour ketchup over it!
"It is still not tasty!" - Then cover it in mayonnaise! And if that is not enough, pour on chocolate sauce. Everyone loves chocolate sauce. Well, it seems everyone does.

So, congratulations Russia. I am happy you won. I just wish you had done it with another act.

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