Winners and Losers

The show looked fantastic on TV last night and I didn't feel bitter at all not being present in Belgrade. Honest. It brought me back to my childhood and how much I longed for Eurovision every year and how exciting it was to see the numbers for the first time. I haven't seen ESC home on a sofa since 1999 when I was still in school.

I'm pleased to say that I predicted 7-8 of the songs that finally made it to the top 10. Hurrah for me! But I am not happy at all with the winner. The song in itself is ok but Dima Bilan was too much this time around and I can easily pick 10 songs that are better suited as a winner. On the other hand I say congratulations to Russia as they have tried really hard to win this contest ever since they started participating. Just a shame that it wasn't with one of their stronger entries. I've been to Moscow and it is an amazing city and I'm sure they will make a splendid show next year. It's itching in my fingers to work with the contest next year again and re-visit Moscow. Their schwerma is worth the trip alone! :)

Then Sweden. What happened? Charlotte Perrelli made a flawless performance and is not to blame for the result. Neither is "the Eastern bloc" that the Swedes will try to say. Why? Because "the Western bloc" didn't vote either. Not even our Nordic neighbours gave high points. Only 12 points from Malta, much thanks to the Schlagerboys' participation in a Maltese tv-show where they begged everyone to vote Sweden. Go Schlagerboys! Thank you.

The only explanation I have for the 18th place is that Ani Lorak nicked the "pop song with strong female singer in silver dress with a dance routine"-votes and that the rest of the voters simply didn't like the old Scandischlagersound anymore and thought it sounded dated. Anyone with other explanations?

The popularity of Charlotte Perrelli in Sweden won't fade because of this though. Of that I am fairly sure. Everybody loves her here and rightly so.


Professor Pepper said...

I believe it's the rather disconcerting facelift that did the damage. Never a good points winner. It certainly put the fear of god into me!

Anonymous said...

or the fact that the only people who liked the Swedish offering were queens of a certain age!!