Go get them, FYR Macedonia!

For the first time since the introduction of semi finals in 2004, FYR Macedonia missed being in the final. Quite unfairly, if you ask me. "Let me love you" is a very likeable little pop ditty, modern and well-performed, in addition to Adrijan sporting possibly the coolest outfit of the year.

Tamara, Vrcak & Adrijan - Let Me Love You - FYR Macedonia 2008
10/19 in the semi

In one way, this could be a blessing in disguise, even if they wouldn't buy that themselves now. No country has managed to enrage the eurofans quite like FYR Macedonia, and that only because they have managed to make it through the semi every year. There must be some kind of cheating going on, they reason. Well, there hasn't been, and maybe the average fan will be easier on them in the future.

In my book, their entries have been fabulous every year (apart from 2005, when there was no end to the lack of talent during their three minutes on stage), and they well deserve their success. Next year, they will be back with new force and do better than before. Or so I hope, anyway.

Tose Proeski - Life - FYR Macedonia 2004

Karolina Goceva - Od nas zavisi - FYR Macedonia 2002

XXL - 100% te ljubam - FYR Macedonia 2000

Vlado Janevski - Ne zori, zoro - FYR Macedonia 1998

Kaliopi - Samo ti - FYR Macedonia 1996
Did not qualify for the ESC

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