Where the action is

Who said all the happenings are taking place in Belgrade? "Posh & Becks in bed with Eurofivestar" is quite a tasty headline, isn't it? There will be action going on also at home in the living room.

Well, in fact, quite a few quality eurobloggers will gather to see the week's events on telly, and both me and Posh will stay overnight for practical reasons. (See how easy it is to create a headline out of nothing.) I am very much looking forward to the company, and sitting at home the odd year isn't as bad as it could have been.

I am just wondering how much one dares talk in a room full of bloggers. At a song contest far far away, many moons ago, I used to hang with a journalist who was very eager to discuss this and that, tit and tat, over a cup of coffee, and I thought it was pleasant and nice and all that. Until I realised that all my words, thoughts and theories soon appeared in print, presented as the journalists own. And then the coffee meet-ups came to an abrupt end.

Long time ago, as said. These days I gladly share my wisdom, but I want to be credited. But fellow bloggers would never be rotten enough to steal anything, would they?

So, let "Te Deum" roll, I believe we are ready. Predictions will be coming up soon, very soon.

First Division - Where The Action Is - UK NF 1984


eurofivestar said...


You never say anything worth quoting anyway dear ;-)

Although your love for the Andorran Schlagertrash may come back to haunt you ;)

Tobias said...

I will love "Casanova" until I die, and I am proud to say it! :)