Let's get happy and let's be gay...

I just have to come back to that charming "security note" that was handed out to all delegations, that while staying in Belgrade everyone would be most gratful if people would refrain from horrible deeds and actions like kissing somebody of the same gender, look gay, act queer or burn virgins in public. (Or wait, did it say anything about the virgins? My memory fails me...)

I discussed the matter with a journalist at work, who claims that Serbia is one of the most homofobic countries in Europe. Then I wish the organisers will have a lovely present at the end of the show. Deep within, I hope that the gayest entry would win and that everyone would French kiss everyone on stage out of pure happiness.

I wonder what the security would have done this year, had t.A.T.u taken part? Or any of the people below...?

Lou - Let's Get Happy - Germany 2003

Sestre - Samo ljubezen - Slovenia 2002


Chig said...

Is that a document that has really been given out? I'd love to see a copy. I'm supposed to be researching gay life in Serbia while I'm there.

Tobias said...

According to the Swedish delegation, yes. It shouldn't be too hard to get a copy of it...