Non-qualifyers, semi 2

When I think of the non-qualifyers of the second semi, I can't help feeling a bit sad. Quite a few fine songs disappeared here, and I will miss some of them immensely in the final.

If the good people of Lithuania, Czech Republic and Cyprus feel surprise in addition to their disappointment, there is no need to. Their failures were apparent to the rest of us, as they all had quite good songs but covered them up in loads of incomprehensible details. Lithuania - the outfit and the sick notes? Czech Republic - that disgrace of a DJ and the sick notes? Cyprus - well, what is there to say, really? Neither of them truly awful, but none of them good enough to make a real impact.

Malta was a fan favourite from the word go, but I would lie if I said anything else that I am quite happy to see it lose out. Now is the time for the Maltese to ditch these songwriters and find someone to write them solid entries again, like the ones they used to compete with. No more silly novelty from you, thanks.

Hungary was a surprise to see out - Csézy sang really well and the whole act looked brilliant. I hope her native folks will be nice to her when she comes back home, and that they treat her like the goddess that she is. FYR Macedonia was also an unpleasant surprise - they sang well and Tamara looked great. At least we will have an end to the headless discussions about FYR Macedonia going through whatever they contribute with.

Belarus, well. Not bad. But not really good either. Being pale is not a good quality when the people are let loose to vote.

And then the two I really shed tears for: Bulgaria and Switzerland. What happened? Paolo wasn't all too vocally convincing, but he landed in the right spots, and I thought the song would be strong enough in its own right to advance. And Europe - you voted for trash like Denmark and those horrid pirates of Latvia, but kept the magnificent Bulgarian scratch-fest out? Shame on you! I hope you all have bad dreams tonight. The signal sent out by the failure of Bulgaria is that it won't pay off to be modern and different. I hope very few countries take notice of that for next year.


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised Malta didn't make it in. Sad for Bulgaria and Switzerland. I wish I was in Belgrade right now, Paolo could use a shoulder to cry on I'm sure ha ha.

Len said...

Sorry here as well for Bulgaria, I think more than the modernity was the fact that the dj scratching, effects and instrumentals at the intro were fantastic, but when the actual vocals came in, the song didn't have much to add.

As for Paolo, I think anyone hearing the song for the first time probably didn't appreciate it the way we who heard it first in the recorded versions could. Even though he hit most of the notes, he sounded a bit rough and uncomfortable through the whole performance.

Denmark and Latvia? I think they're both songs that don't start to really annoy until the second or third listening (maybe one and a half for Latvia). If Simon Mathew weren't good-looking and hadn't made such easy, twinkly eye contact with the camera, he wouldn't have been through...

Schlagerprick said...

I am truly shocked by Deep Zone's failure to qualify. Can one not be modern at Eurovision? And who can I vote for in the final now that the best song is out?

Don't change your style, Bulgaria. Keep it up with the trance!

Tobias said...

I also hope Bulgaria won't change, but will insist on being modern.