Ukraine is the best

Well, yes, Russia won. That is true. But just look at the Ukraine and be amazed at how well they do in this contest. And rightly so. No other country comes up with such a breath-taking variety of styles and acts, and nobody does so consistently well. Three entries out of six has made Top 2 in the voting.

There is no country quite like the Ukraine, and when we gather what songs were the most commercially successful this year, I think we will have another strong showing from the Ukraine there.

The entries of Ukraine with placings:

2003 Oleksandr "Hasta la vista"

2004 Ruslana "Wild dance"

2005 Greenjolly "Razom nas bahato"

2006 Tina Karol "Show me your love"

2007 Verka Serduchka "Dancing lasha tumbai"

2008 Ani Lorak "Shady Lady"

I think we could all be heading to Odesa some time in the near future...


Zach said...

Ani should have won last night, plain and simple. She's the winner in my book. Odessa? You can have Eurovision and a beach vacation all in one week! I dare Ukraine to host the ESC in Dnepropetrovsk ha. :D

Tobias said...

They actually stated in their press conferences that in case of victory, it would be Odesa for next year's contest.
That would give them the opportunity to change the international spelling of another of their cities. In 2005, they changed Kiev into more Ukrainian-sounding Kyiv, and this time Odessa would go Odesa with just one "s". They are no fools, the Ukranians.

Zach said...

Now I REALLY wish Ukraine won last night. :S Of course they are no fools. :) I was wrong, I should have spelled it Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk. It's just so hard after you are used to spelling it one way for such a long time. I can't blame them for wanting the International community to use the proper Ukrainian spellings instead of the Russian ones. I just wish the American media would stop referring to Ukraine as "the Ukraine". :rolls eyes: