Posh on Sweden

Charlotte Perrelli - Hero 5/5
Schlagertastic, as the fab Schlagerboys would say. Charlotte’s vocals are on top, the performance very slick and luxurious and last but not least a song Kylie would kill for. Not even the lousy starting position can stop Sweden from qualifying. I won’t go calling out “Globen 2009” just yet but bare in mind that last time I didn’t see ESC live, Perrelli represented us and then walked it. An omen? Top 5 is more realistic though with a good draw on Saturday.

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Dave Gee said...

If Charlotte doesn't win, there should be a European uproar and a major enquiry into the state of the music scene! Great song, great live singer, great choreography, lighting, and wind machine... A return to form for Sweden after a crap choice last year (although BWO and Ola would have also made solid choices)