Marty Brem for Croatia?

I had to lend an eye and an ear to the rehearsals of Croatia, as they are one of my top personal favourites this year. They also have a few things to work on, especially they should think about giving some sedatives to dear old 75 Cents.

In the rehearsal he got a bit screamy and carried away, just like in the Dora final, and I dig him more when he is relaxed and sounds a bit sorry, like he does in the clip.

But he is adorable in the interview... "Was wollen Sie?"

Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents - Romanca - Croatia 2008

As I shaved this morning, it hit me that this song bears some vague ressemblance to an old, forgotten Eurosong, namely the Austrian entry of 1981 that nobody understood at the time. Too much dancing and weirdness, and too little focus on the song. Maybe Marty Brem should leap out of obscurity and attempt a comeback these days, when everybody brings ladders and books and dancers in a box?

Marty Brem - Wenn du da bist - Austria 1981

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Anonymous said...

Wenn du da bist is my fave Eurovision entry actually :))