Becks' prediction

Me, Thomas Lundin, Eurofivestar and some other people have had a competition of our own for the last few years. You rank all participants from first to last, according to how you think the final result will be.

If you get the winner and/or the loser right, they give you ten points each. For every correct country on spots 2-5, that will earn you an extra five points. And finally, every correct placing between 6-24 will give you one point.

This year, I will get at least ten points. I am so sure Ani Lorak will recieve flowers at the end of the show. But for the rest? I am just guessing. In my last spot I have the UK - not because they would be bad, but because they are not good enough to stand out anywhere - but they could just as well be 12th with a good performance. I just don't want Germany to come last again. They are really trying, and a second last place in only four contests? Unfair!

Well, here goes:

01 Ukraine
02 Greece
03 Armenia
04 Sweden
05 Iceland
06 Bosnia-Herzegovina
07 Serbia
08 Russia
09 Israel
10 Norway
11 Croatia
12 Turkey
13 Georgia
14 Finland
15 Romania
16 Portugal
17 Albania
18 Azerbaijan
19 Spain
20 Poland
21 Denmark
22 Latvia
23 France
24 Germany
25 United Kingdom

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