Missing: Slovakia

Do you remember Slovakia? Tiny country in Central Europe, took part in Eurovision on three unsuccessful occasions (excluding their failure to make it through the 1993 East European Pre-Selection in Ljubljana). Most people thought they were ex-Yugoslav (it sounds so much like Slovenia, doesn't it?) apart from lovely Spanish newsreader Belen, who thought Czechoslovakia had never split.

Financially poor, and whenever they were mentioned in the press (not a daily event) it was usually related to some kind of democracy problem. At the ESC they soon picked up how to trade points with others (just look at those figures and do the maths for yourselves), but still failed and decided to drop out.

It seems so long ago now, since the ugly duckling turned into a swan since. Slovakia joined the EU, got their wheels rolling and is now about to adopt the Euro as national currency. Who would have thought?

So, Slovakia, when everything else changed, isn't it time for you to think about joining the party again? I don't know how you feel, but everytime I hear "Modlitba", I shed a little tear for your absence.

Katarina Hasprová - Modlitba - Slovakia 1998


Chig said...

Just a few minutes after this 1998 show, I spoke to Katarina Hasprová, who was very disappointed. Slovakia never came back again. I hope it wasn't something I said. :-(

Chig said...

By the way, the twin singers for the Czech Republic this year are Slovak, I'm told, so they are in it really!