The final so far

This is the line-up for Saturday's final as it looks right now, after the first semi:

01 Romania
02 United Kingdom
03 Qualifyer
04 Germany
05 Armenia
06 Bosnia-Herzegovina
07 Israel
08 Finland
09 Qualifyer
10 Poland
11 Qualifyer
12 Qualifyer
13 Qualifyer
14 Qualifyer
15 Qualifyer
16 Qualifyer
17 Qualifyer
18 Qualifyer
19 France
20 Azerbaijan
21 Greece
22 Spain
23 Serbia
24 Russia
25 Norway

The final looks good until now, I'd say. I just feel a bit sorry for the last three countries. I am not sure their draw is as good as one would think at first. A ballad, a ballad and then a midtempo number is not an ideal way to finish the run-through, perhaps.

But for next year, I would prefer if the draw was made during the live broadcast. It can't be that difficult, can it? For me, it is sensationally weird to miss out on that piece of drama and to do it in a press conference later.

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