Becks' prediction

"You haven't predicted your top ten?", miss Posh said in an accusing tone and with lifted eyebrows. So here goes. My desperate attempt at guessing what Europe will like or not tonight (and I haven't really seen the rehearsals online) comes here.

These are the ten I would select if I was omnipotent, in totally random order: Slovenia, Norway, Poland, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia, Netherlands, Romania, Greece and Israel. Russia will have to stay out, all the reports in the newspapers have turned me off their entry completely. Only a year ago, I still loved Dima Bilan... Go figure!

But the ten that will go on are: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Norway, Greece, Armenia, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Greece, Azerbaijan and Poland. I sincerely think and hope that both Estonia and Ireland will flop. Please, please, please.

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