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Rodolfo Chikilicuatre - Baila el chiki chiki 1/5

Oh, Spain. On some superficial level deep down, I can understand that the countries in the semi can reduce themselves to cheap comedy, but Spain with a steady seat in the final?

Well, if you want to be kind, you could say this sounds remotely like Manu Chau, which would be a good thing. It doesn't really ridicule the contest, but is more a parody of any kind of silly summer dance marketed by the record companies. And the dancers are sort of sweet in their own little way.

But it doesn't really own the genius of Alf Poier or Verka Serduchka, does it? Even if I can find it a bit funny at first, before the three minutes are over, I find myself so bored my teeth hurts.

A possible winner?
Yes. That is the worst thing about it. With a weak final or a bad draw towards the end, this could stand out for millions of people who would vote this into first place. But I hope it will be the flop it deserves to be.

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an spanish eurofan said...

I can't understand why Rodolfo goes to eurovision. Or... I understand... that's a laSexta member getting a lot of money using the eurovision song contest.

1: Andreu Buenafuente from laSexta don't like Serbia.

2: laSexta (Rodolfo works for that TV channel) are getting a lot of money.

3: there were very good singers at Spanish national final that they could to go to the esc but laSexta sent Rodolfo using TVE.

An example of good singer:

I think that Rodolfo Chikilicuatre should be out of the contest. It might be a bad example to other countries next years.