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Jelena Tomašević feat. Bora Dugic - Oro 5/5

Surprise, surprise - it seems the Serbians quite liked winning and are ready to give it another shot. The best trick in their book is to call upon super songwriter Željko Joksimović to write another grand ballad with ethnic touches, and so he did. It worked wonders with "Lane moje" and "Lejla", will this one go down a storm as well?

Jelena sings like a Balkan goddess and the whole song is a classy piece of art. But. I can't shake the feeling that we heard this before. Just as boring as when Sweden insisted on sending ABBA clones year after year, the Balkan Ethnic Ballad begins to feel a bit déjà-vu. It doesn't matter that "Oro" is a fantastic composition, I would have hoped for something more daring for Serbia this year. A step outside the given format.

Now it is "only" good and not as exciting as one would have hoped. It will do well, for sure, but the question is how well.

A possible winner?
No, I don't think so. The old juries could keep sending Irish ballads to number one until the sky would crack, but I think the televoters won't go for something as similar for two years in a row.

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