Becks on France

Sébastien Tellier - Divine 5/5

If I didn't know better, I would think that France had taken my earlier advice seriously. I asked for something better than they had managed for the last few years, and preferrably somebody known with good record label backing. Bearing that in mind, "Divine" is a perfect ten.

It is in many other ways as well. It is an electronic take on the Beach Boys, full of 60's-references as well as many a sound from the most synthetic 80's performed in a most dead-pan way by a dark stranger with a beard. You just have to love that.

Or do you? I am pretty sure all the modern stuff and the performer himself will scare quite a few people off, and I can't see France as a real contender in the final. Sébastien Tellier should constitute a tiny step up the results, but I wouldn't even bet money on a top ten finish here.

But who cares? This is a song that will make the radios go crazy and at the beach this will sound perfect to almost everybody. The winner is not the one with the biggest number of points, but the one who benefits the most from participation.

A possible winner?
No, too weird and too distant for the average viewer. Unless there is a stage show to knock our socks off, then we could have a real surprise around the corner.

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